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KOPELCO manufactures, tests, and/or packages, markets and distributes the Tulipán brand in Argentina and exports its products to several Latin American countries.

In 1986, the knowledge acquired from the manufacture of latex yarn and the eagerness to develop new businesses led Alberto Kopelowicz to venture into the world of condoms.

True to his entrepreneurial style, he assembled a team of chemists to develop the formula, while setting up his own machine to manufacture them, coordinating a workshop with millers, welders, electricians, blacksmiths and turners.

Thus, in 1989 the Tulipán brand was born and established itself in the local market, combining safety with pleasure and fun.

Innovative, she was a pioneer in developing intimate gel in the country when personal lubricants did not exist in Argentina.

Although in the beginning a single condom model was produced, Tulipán currently incorporates the best products in the world, importing from Japan, Germany and the United States.

It has a wide portfolio that includes 12 varieties of condoms, 6 types of intimate gels, sex toys and natural energizers, for both men and women, that improve sexual performance.

Tulipán has a market share of 40% of the national market, sells throughout the country thanks to its extensive distribution network and exports to several Latin American countries.

In addition, it is one of the most important suppliers to the national government in prevention campaigns against STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

It has its own cosmetic laboratories where they manufacture intimate gels and a laboratory approved by the Ministry of Health for the physical, chemical and microbiological analysis of condoms, which in turn carries out product quality work for other companies. This laboratory meets the quality of international regulatory standards required by countries with high health surveillance.

Tulipán carries out market research in order to ask consumers their opinions regarding sexual pleasure and constantly innovates, develops and launches new products on the market to satisfy them and continually exceed their expectations.



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